The Emerald Dream

Scholars describe the Emerald Dream as an unspoiled paradise like nothing else in the world. Druids

KOLeriaxins (MSM

of the wild find peace and tranquility there when visiting in their dreams, and often long to spend their lives in the unspoiled wilderness. Those who have been there refer to the plane as "what Azeroth was meant to be." It is all of these things and more; and yet, to those who visit uninvited, it can be quite dangerous.


As described in Chapter Five of the Warcraft RPG, the Emerald Dream is the primal heart of Azeroth. It is a kind of echo of what the world would be like if intelligent beings had not altered its surface. The lands are inviting and pure, with rolling hills, dense woodlands and vast prairies filled with living creatures enjoying complete freedom. Even the mountains, such as they are, contain lush vegetation and peaceful valleys. This is a place where no elemental walks, where no great power ever altered the terrain. A paradise, indeed.

The Emerald Dream exists in a realm parallel to that of Azeroth, "overlapping" the world like an invisible, intangible "layer." When one stands in a particular location on Azeroth, he is standing in exactly the same spot he would be touching in the Emerald Dream, should he cross suddenly between the two planes. Thus, when an individual enters the Emerald Dream, he doesn't physically move, but merely passes through this invisible barrier, as though a curtain parted before him.

Although Azeroth and its twin never touch, the primal Azeroth shares the same sun, tides, sky, constellations and other such aspects of the original. Thus, time passes exactly the same in both places, and an eclipse or comet on one would be witnessed similarly on the other.

The Emerald Dream appears much like Azeroth, but Ysera's plane is far more closely attuned to nature. This quality has the following effects:

Destructive Spells: Any spell or effect destructive to nature, even if only by accident, requires a DC 20 caster level check to cast or employ. Such spells or effects are determined as "destructive to nature" on a case-by-case basis. Thus, a fireball cast on the ground would be damaging to native plants and therefore counts as destructive, but the same spell cast high into the air might be all right as long as no birds or other creatures native to the Emerald Dream are within its area of effect.

Divination Spells: Any divination spells or effects, or spells or effects that operate through dreams, are heightened by 3 levels when cast or employed within the Emerald Dream. The plane is naturally suited for just this sort of magic.

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