The Eye ofYsera

This is the home of the great green wyrm and her kin, who watch over the plane with wisdom and vigilance. The valley, nestled amid a ring of green hills, is a fertile field covered with colorful flowers and a thick carpet of lush emerald grass. In the center, a great golden dome rises, surrounded by smaller domes of a similar shape and construction. These are the dwelling places of Ysera and her green dragonflight and are among the few buildings on the plane's surface.

Curiously, despite the fact that the Emerald Dream matches Azeroth place for place, determining exactly what point on the world matches the Eye's precise location is impossible. Perhaps the Eye moves about periodically, or the plane-transitioning magic subtly alters the dreamer's shifted position. Regardless of the cause, entering the Emerald Dream and landing directly in the Eye of Ysera is impossible.

The Eye itself is constantly protected and watched over by the green dragonflight. The green dragons consider the place holy

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