Twisting Nether Adventure Hooks

Doorstop: An eredar warlock** begins creating a portal in Azeroth that would lead directly to the Twisting Nether, allowing the Nether's primordial chaos to pour through. The heroes must enter the Nether and stop the portal at its source.

Deconstruction: Interplanar warriors charge the heroes to infiltrate and destroy a strong infernal-creating base.

First Contact: Creatures from another world discover how to travel through the Twisting Nether. The heroes are the first beings outside their own race that they encounter, and the heroes' actions will determine how this race interacts with the universe.

What's Worse Than A Mobile Sphere of Pure Void?: A mutated umbral blot travels through the Twisting Nether, growing larger every time it consumes a physical object. The heroes must stop it before it becomes so large that it threatens all creation.

Titanic Armory: The heroes discover a small portal in the Nether. The portal leads to a demiplane full of titan artifacts — weapons the Pantheon deemed too destructive to use.

Outlandish Happenings: Powerful magic destroys a planet, which suffers a fate similar to Draenor. The chunks of rock left behind could become a second Outland, and demons, Illidan's forces, the planet's original inhabitants, and interplanar heroes all attempt to gain control of this new resource.

The Tothrezim accept any form of payment. They take gold, gems, jewels and especially magic items. Clients are billed every few weeks and payment is expected immediately. One of the Tothrezim's collectors teleports or plane shifts to the client's location. Those who dodge their obligations or attempt to hide from scrying attempts through nondetection or similar magic are dealt with harshly.

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