Umbra Crescent

Description: This odd weapon is a moon sword—a curved night elf blade that forms an almost complete circle. The umbra crescent's dark length is covered in mystic Kaldorei runes that glint with silver luminance.

Powers: The umbra crescent is a one-handed melee weapon that deals 2d4 points of slashing damage and threatens a critical hit on a roll of 18-20. It requires the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (moon sword) feat to use without penalty. The umbra crescent also possesses a +5 enhancement bonus and the keen quality (expanding its threat range to 15-20). The wielder may use the weapon to perform a coup de grace as an attack action (against a helpless defender, as normal), and the umbra crescent counts as an epic weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Three times per day, the wielder may cast a quickened shadow strikeff on the umbra crescent; when she does so, the weapon also gains the distance, returning, seeking and throwing qualities for 1 round. Once per day, the wielder may cast greater shadow strikeff on the umbra crescent; the weapon again gains all the qualities above for 1 round.

The wielder can inscribe the name of a given quarry on the blade's handle; doing so takes 10 minutes. This target must be a creature the wielder is tracking down. The umbra crescent gives the general direction of the target and grants the wielder the ability to recognize him regardless of disguise or attempts to conceal his identity with magic. Should the target die while his name is on the blade's handle, the wielder is immediately aware of the fact. While the target lives and is not within 5 feet of the wielder, the name cannot be changed.

Strong divination; CL 21st; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Epic Magic Arms and Armor, Improved Spell Capacity, Quicken Spell, clairaudience/clairvoy-ance, death knell, keen edge, greater shadow strikeff, locate creature, magic stone, shadow strikeff, telekinesis, true seeing, creator must be a night elf; Price 442,164 gp; Cost 221,270 gp + 17,672 XP; Weight 7 lb.

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