Water The Abyssal

Surrounding the land and constantly assaulting it with waves and storms sprawls the great ocean of the Elemental Plane. The water is vast and in many places very deep, sometimes nearly reaching the realm of fire far below. The liquid itself is constantly changing — sometimes salty or murky, other times fresh and clear. Creatures of the element abound, along with some large beasts such as the kraken, but the seas are otherwise curiously devoid of life.

Neptulon the Tidehunter lives within the depths of the seas, jealously protecting his realm from any threat. His kingdom is called the Abyssal Maw. He constantly battles with Ragnaros the Firelord, who is always trying to break through to smite the ocean with his heat. The Tidehunter keeps the seas surging and in constant motion, battering at the earthly realm with waves and storms. A wise and powerful being, Neptulon keeps many secrets, for reasons only a creature of water can truly understand.

The surface of the Elemental Plane's ocean is dotted with a few small islands ofrock that yet resist Neptulon's endless assault on the land. At the point farthest from Therazane's domain there floats a mile-wide shelf of solid ice known as the Frostland. Like an immense iceberg, the Frostland extends far underneath the surface, almost to the ocean floor. Smaller chunks of ice break free occasionally and drift across the seas, slowly melting as they come nearer to Deephome. Some of these bergs are occupied by ice elemental conglomerates^ (see "New Template: Elemental Conglomerate," below) or other creatures.

Traveling beneath the waves, within the Abyssal Maw itself, can be troublesome, and not just because of the need to breathe underwater. Vortices occasionally form of their own accord, creating tremendous tidal forces that threaten to tear apart their victims. Violent temperature shifts also move upward through the waters like bubbles rising from the ocean floor, subjecting travelers to bone-numbing cold. For each hour of travel within the Maw, roll 1d6. On a 1, the visitors experience a violent vortex, while a 2 results in an encounter with a bubble of frost.

A Maw vortex is similar to that created by a water elemental, only larger and without any connection to the ocean floor. A vortex occupies a whirling, 50-foot radius area and requires a DC 28 Reflex save to avoid. Except for the dimensions, use the rules for a vortex created by a greater water elemental as described in the MM. The vortex lasts 3d4 rounds and generally occupies a stable area for the duration of its existence.

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