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Shadows & Light constitutes the definitive campaign sourcebook of epic-level and planar adventuring for the Warcraft RPG. Much of the content references and expands upon existing epic-level material found in the DMG and in the Epic Level Handbook. This book drew specifically upon the open content available at <http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=d20/article/ srd35> in the d20 System Reference Document.

Here is what you will find in each chapter and the appendix:

Chapter One: Forge of Power provides epic-level details for all Warcraft epic-level core classes and a selection of prestige classes. Importantly, it also offers several new epic feats that add to and derive from feats in previous Warcraft releases, the Player's Handbook and the Epic Level Handbook.

ChapterTwo: Legends presents statistics and roleplaying notes for several of the most famous heroes and villains from all eras of Azeroth's history. Orgrim Doomhammer, Medivh, Malfurion Stormrage, Thrall, Archimonde and more are described using epic rules, along with a new template for creating a Guardian of Tirisfal.

Chapter Three: Eternals serves up complete statistics and background information for Azeroth's immortal beings, known as Eternals. These demigod-like beings, from Cenarius to Alexstrasza to Ragnaros to Sargeras, all utilize the new Eternal template, an innovative means for creating immortals with nearly divine powers.

Chapter Four: Cosmology discusses the layout of the Warcraft universe (in essence, how the planes fit together and comprise that universe) and related topics such as traveling to the planes and spellcasting on the planes.

Chapter Five: The Planes expands upon the descriptions of the Elemental Plane, the Emerald Dream and the Twisting Nether found in the Warcraft RPG core book, exploring further their denizens and their geography. Also, Outland, seat of Illidan Stormrage's exile in the Twisting Nether, is described fully for the first time in a Warcraft supplement. For each plane, you will find new rules, new monsters or templates, and adventure hooks.

Appendix One: Spells & Magic Items collects together all the new spells and magic items — including several artifacts — used by the heroes, villains and Eternals of Chapters Two and Three.

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