Quick Note on Instance Loot Etiquette

Instances can be an excellent way to find exceptional equipment for your level. Be mindful of other players needs as well. A new feature in World of Warcraft allows all the players to roll on loot above a certain quality threshold. This is the desired method of distributing loot fairly. Never roll on something that you can't use. This may seem logical but there are players out there where greed controls everything. If more than one player can use the item in question, discuss who will roll for the item before anyone rolls at all. Also, do not loot during battle. Keep your mind at the task at hand, instead of what new equipment you may find.

In High Level instances certain weapons or equipment will be more important to other classes than the Shaman. Weapons in particular are very important to Rogues and Warriors as it is their means of dealing damage. Weapons are also important for Melee Shamans and be sure to let everyone know if you are going to be rolling on Weapons. Daggers can be good for a Shaman but Rogues favor their use by far. Staves may also be suited best for pure casters, so if you are using a Staff purely for it's melee damage output, but mindful that Intellect or Stamina buffs on a looted staff may be very beneficial for a pure caster class.

Mail armor at high levels will be something a Hunter and a Shaman will fight over, in a party with both: be mindful that Agility buffs are more beneficial to a Hunter than they are to a Shaman. Whereas Intellect buffs are far more helpful to a Shaman.

Selecting the Two Handed Axes and Maces talent, means that your Shaman will be competing with Warriors for exceptional quality 2 Handed weapons with exception to swords. Be mindful that in a large group with multiple warriors it is probably more polite to not roll on a 2 Handed weapon of Epic quality. Warriors that use 2 handed weapons rely on the best equipment they can find.

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