Ancestral Spirit

Other classes will love you for this spell. The ability to resurrect makes the Shaman a beloved member of any party. In PVE this skills finds most of its use in Instances or Dungeons. If things work out correctly all members of the party should never die. However, things don't always go according to plan. When things go awry this skill helps keep everyone moving if anyone dies. It's also important to note that after level 30 this skill will be used in conjunction with another. If everyone dies in the party, the Reincarnation skill will allow the Shaman to resurrect him/her-self, then work on resurrecting other healer types to help bring back everyone to fighting capacity. In PVP

this skill will find some use, by keeping the pressure on the enemy during a raid. Remember that Ancestral Spirit requires a massive amount of mana per use, so after resurrecting any other mana remaining will be needed for healing the newly resurrected to full capacity, leaving you without mana for the most part.

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