Close Combat Healer Pvppve Enhancement

Shield Specialization 5/5 Thundering Strikes 5/5 Anticipation 5/5 Flurry 5/5 Parry 1/1

Improved Windfury Weapon 2/2 Improved Frostbrand 2/2 Toughness 5/5


Tidal Focus 5/5 Totemic Focus 5/5 Lesser Healing Wave 5/5 Tidal Mastery 5/5 Nature's Swiftness 1/1

With this talent build, the Shaman will be spending as much time as possible in Close Combat, healing him/her-self when needed without being interrupted. When the situation calls for it, Natures Swiftness can be used to Heal party mates or the Shaman in an instant. This makes for a very hard to kill Shaman that has increased capability in Close Combat. This build is also best suited for Shamans who use a fast one handed weapon and a Shield. With Parry, Toughness and Anticipation the Shaman has better than average protection in close combat and can survive for extended periods of time.

For Solo-ing this build is excellent as it allows the Shaman to rely on his/her melee capabilities and heal him/her-self when fighting very difficult enemies. The support capabilities of this build also rank high as the Shaman can support heal while simultaneously acting as a secondary tank. Additionally summoning beneficial totems in the midst of battle to keep all the party mates fighting hard.

This build is also ideal for grinding, as it affords the Shaman less reliance on mana. The Shaman can still deal good damage in Close Combat and can keep him/her-self healed.

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