Combating Multiple Monsters

Some single pull situations turn into multiple monster encounters. When situations like this come up then you will have to resort to a number of skills available to the Shaman. Focus your melee and shocks on one target for most of the fight. If you see two or more coming for you prepare with a Chain Lightning (with Elemental Mastery if possible) targeted on your primary monster. As soon as they've closed the distance summon a Magma Totem to damage them for the next 20 seconds. Meanwhile throw everything you have at the first monster. Direct damage is best, as DoTs may be inefficient if their duration isn't fully realized. Save some mana for the remaining however... After the first dies you will be getting rather low on health. Initiate auto attack on your second target and heal yourself with Lesser Healing Wave. Do this with your remaining mana until you have none left. Attack in melee and let your -in combat- mana regeneration do its thing. Once you have enough to cast Lesser Healing Wave again, do so. After the second dies you may have to resort to potions to survive the third. The third will most likely have near 80% health and you will have 30% and no mana. A mana potion is best so that you can heal yourself and Shock the monster so you can start to even the playing field. Pray for the best from here as you may not win still. If things are looking like you may not pull through then Summon an Earth Bind and Ghost Wolf out of range. As far as which target to fight first if it is mixed casters and melee'rs then go for the caster first. They die faster and their damage potential is higher. For the most survivability a one-handed weapon and a shield is best for these tactics.

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