Combating the Melee Monster

Fighting these monsters isn't generally hard as they don't have many surprises. But they can withstand more damage than casters so be prepared for a longer fight. Start off the fight with a Lightning Bolt from maximum range to pull them to you. Shock them once they reach 20 yards and then put down any totems you wish to use. Having Lightning Shield cast prior to the battle even starting is preferable and will quicken the process. On Totems, if the mob wields 2 weapons that means they attack fast, so summon a Stoneskin Totem. If they are armed with a weapon and a shield then drop a Searing Totem and/or Strength of the Earth Totem. Then start hacking away. Keep their total hitpoint percentage below yours at all times. With Earth Shock or Frost Shock you can burst damage them to maintain the upper hand. If fighting a humanoid, then make sure they don't run by either Frost Shocking them when they are near death or summoning an Earth Bind Totem near the end of the battle. Heal up at the end of the fight and you're ready to go at it again. Using First Aid can keep battles like this going on continually. Try to keep down on your mana-usage unless totally necessary. If you have a high spirit and intellect then you may opt to use more spell-casting throughout the battle. Just remember that at some point you will likely have to sit down to drink. If you find that this particular monster likes to call for help when near death, then save yourself the trouble and Ghost Wolf out of there. That doesn't mean giving up; it just means that you will have to pull them outside the hearing distance of his allies. Once you've cast Lightning Bolt for the first time use Frost Shock and back up as far as you can with the monster still following. Once you are 50 yards away from his companions they will not come to his rescue. If you had not done this you would be fighting an endless chain of enemies if you tried to fight them in close proximity. Generally speaking most beasts will fall into this category except for those that have the uncanny ability to spit lightning.

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