Crafting Professions Blacksmithing

This tradeskill is for the most part useless to the Shaman at low levels with exception to the ability to craft weapons for him/her-self. Aside from that the Shaman can sell these items to other players via Auction House. At high-levels, Blacksmithing can be one of the most lucrative professions to do. Weaponsmithing is at the moment far more lucrative than Blacksmithing. Although the items needed to craft these weapons can be hard to come by, the Weaponsmith can sell these items on the Auction House for quite a bit of money. Additionally these weapons can be easier to make than it takes for the Shaman to find an appropriate level weapon.

Additionally the Blacksmith can craft a few items that can be attached to weapons or armor that confer very helpful bonuses to certain classes. The Weapon-Chain is very helpful for Warriors as it makes them immune to disarm. When you live and die by the sword, being disarmed can be devastating. A blacksmith can mass produce these types of items and attach them to people's armor or weapons for a moderate fee of 1g apiece. Not an astounding amount of money, but for as few ingredients as it requires it can be a good source of income for downtime in main cities.

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