Earth Bind Totem

This skill is very helpful and for its relatively small mana cost it is very helpful. In PVE this should be used to keep monsters from fleeing. Most Humaniod monsters have some sense of self-preservation and if they tend to run make sure to keep this totem out as often as possible. When a monster runs it usually runs to other nearby monsters for help. When Solo-ing this Totem can also be used to put some distance between the Shaman and the target mid-fight. Combined with Frost Shock, the target can be mostly immobilized while the Shaman can heal him/her-self or use ranged attacks to bring down the target. In PVP this skill can render opponents that rely on melee attacks to deal damage to deal very little in the course of a battle. Rogues, Warriors, and Paladins need to close the distance, so with the Earth Bind totem you can slow their progress and pepper them with ranged attacks while they struggle to reach you. This Strategy will be discussed in greater detail in a later section.

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