Earth Totem Quest

For Tauren this quest is attained at level 4 and requires the Tauren to kill Bristleback Shaman to acquire 2 Ritual Salve for an Earth Sapta. Find Kodo Rock just Northwest of Bramblescar Ravine, and drink the Sapta. Talk to the Minor Manifestation of Rock with the yellow question mark over it's head. After that return to Seer Ravenfeather to recieve your Totem.

For Trolls and Orcs the quest is very similar in it's ease. Travel to the north into the cave and seek out Felstalkers for 2 hooves to return to Canaga Earthcaller. Then after recieving the Earth Sapta find the Hidden Path to the southwest of the den. In your map mode go to coordinates 44,76 to find the entrance. Follow the path to find the Spirit Rock and drink the Sapta. After that it is pretty much the same. Speak to the minor manifestation of earth and then return to Canaga Earthcaller. Then the totem is yours!

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