Elemental Tree Overview

The Elemental Tree can be very powerful for PVP. At the highest rank with Elemental Mastery a Shaman can shock for 1100+ damage in an instant. The most beneficial Talents to invest in are Concussion, Convection, Reverberation, Call of Thunder, Elemental Focus, Elemental Fury, Lightning Mastery and finally Elemental Mastery. With these and 3 points to be spent below Tier 6 in the Elemental Tree can result in a higher damage output when the situation calls for it. Elemental Fury means that all spells can crit for double their usual damage which can lead to very high amounts of burst damage for no cast time. When used in conjunction with Elemental Mastery the Shaman can designate critical hits when needed. This is especially potent when combined with Chain-

Lightning. Since each jump is treated as a separate spell but occurs at the same time as the first—all jumps recieve the benefit of Elemental Mastery. Leading to truly staggering amounts of damage to 3 different targets.

Reverberation is also very helpful as it leads to causing burst damage every 5 seconds instead of every 6 raising your damage per second considerably over the course of a battle.

Call of Thunder and Lightning Mastery help the pulling aspect of fighting monsters in PVE as well. Allowing for a higher chance to score a critical hit and also decreasing cast time which leads to more casts before entering melee.

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