Fire Nova Totem

This skill is a very mana intensive totem that has a devastating effect to multiple targets. In PVE this skill has to be used carefully. The problem with this totem is that most monsters will attack it if they see it being dropped. Making all the mana spent for nothing. The timing required to make this totem effective is key. It's also important to note that this skill should only be used to combat multiple enemies. As soon as you have selected your targets pull them to you with a ranged attack then immediately drop the totem. An alternate strategy is to start the fight not attacking the targets at all but dropping a Stoneclaw Totem to taunt them, then dropping the Fire Nova Totem while they attack the Stoneclaw Totem. In PVP the Fire Nova Totem is for all intents and purposes a time-bomb. Whenever any enemy players are not paying attention to you drop a Fire Nova Totem in the midst of them to disrupt them with a healthy portion of damage. It can also be used to add damage to your target if they are following you and you are attempting to put some distance between you and the target.

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