Frost Shock

Frost Shock is a very useful ability. It renders a target slowed on top of dealing a healthy portion of damage. Against close-combat-oriented targets that means more chances to blast them with elemental attacks before they make it to melee-range. Against spell-casters this spell can be used to slow their retreat, allowing the Shaman to close the distance. In PVE this spell won't see much use against spell-casters as they generally stay put and deal damage from afar. However, it can keep any monsters from fleeing as it slows them by a significant amount, allowing the Shaman to run them down for the kill. In PVP this skill will see a lot of use as it allows the Shaman to control the flow of the fight. In conjunction with the Earth Bind Totem this skill can slow the target to a halt allowing the Shaman to gain distance or close distance as he/she likes. Not to mention that this skill is also a quite damaging instant-cast spell. Frost Shock will yield diminishing returns each time it is cast on the same target within a 15 second time frame. That means that if you cast Frost Shock then after the cool down cast it again, the second Frost Shock will only slow for 4 seconds instead of the full 8. The slowing effect will continue to halve until the target is immune to the effect.

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