Full Support PVE Enhancement

Shield Specialization 5/5 Improved Ghost Wolf 2/2 Improved Lightning Shield 3/3 Improved Stoneskin Totem 3/3 Restoration

Tidal Focus 5/5

Totemic Focus 5/5

Improved Lesser Healing Wave 5/5

Tidal Mastery 5/5

Eventide 5/5

Nature's Swiftness 1/1

Improved Mana Spring Totem 5/5

Mana Tide Totem 1/1

This build is ideal for playing a support role in a party. Being able to restore mana every 5 minutes can decrease down-time and also allow the casters to replenish faster during battle. Using Totems and Healing party members will be what takes up all of the Shaman's time with this build.

When solo-ing in this build the Mana Tide Totem can help decrease down time as well as allow the Shaman to heal themselves when out of mana.

Since for the most part this build doesn't add anything to the offense side of things this build can have a hard time standing up to other classes very well in PVP. However in group PVP this build can show the merit of having a support player to keep everyone in the party at full potential.

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