In World of Warcraft there are many classes to choose from—each with their unique specialties and advantages. The Shaman is a class that combines key features of other classes and enhances them with its own special flavor. The Shaman is the true hybrid class—having access to melee enhancing abilities, elemental spell casting, and a bevy of healing techniques. How would you like to rush into battle cleaving effortlessly through your enemies while unleashing blasts of awe-inspiring elemental energies? Or perhaps your role on the battlefield is more cerebral? Surveying the battlefield, exploiting weaknesses of your foes from afar, you can keep a firm control of the conflict at hand while keeping your brethren ready for battle again and again.

The purpose of this guide is to show how you can mold your Shaman to fit your play-style, while maintaining optimal efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of the game. Welcome to the world of the Shaman.

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