Around 40th level you will want to gain a lot of money before you can go buy yourself a mount. This is necessary for shortening downtime later on. There are certain areas that lead to the best money gain per hour at level 40 and beyond. Around level 40 you will want to hunt the Woodpaw Gnolls near Camp Mojache as they are near your level and are fairly easy to kill. Stay away from the hills as they are generally higher level. They will drop money and Mageweave often, and for the purposes of making money save up your Mageweave in stacks of 20 so that you can sell them on the Auction House for 2-3g a stack. You should be able to easily get 2-3 stacks of Mageweave in an hour of constant grinding. To save you money for a grinding session: ask a friend that's a Mage to conjure you food and water. Since it only takes them a few seconds they should do this for free. At the same time you will be gaining silver pieces from the Gnolls. In an hour you will likely accumulate approximately 1-2 gold just from collecting their loot. Not counting any other items that may drop you can gain about 8-11 gold an hour in this fashion. After a couple hours and waiting for your Auctions to sell you will make approximately 20-30g for only playing 2-3 hours.

After you've gained a couple levels head to Tanaris and hunt the Wastewanders there. They have a slightly higher drop chance than the Woodpaws so around levels 42-43 this area is ideal.

As you head into the mid-40s, there is something of a dead-zone for reliable and/or easy monsters to grind for money. This time should be used going on instance runs. Razorfen Downs, Scarlet Monestary and Zul'Farrak are good instances to frequent as there is a better chance for useable equipment to drop as well as uncommon "vendor-ware" that everyone will want to sell either on the Auction House or to city vendors.

Upper-40s yield a lot more places to go to grind for money, the Trolls in the Hinterlands or the Dunemaul Ogres of Tanaris are both good choices. The Trolls drop stackable necklaces that can be sold in bulk after long grinding sessions for more money than the Ogres are worth, however the Hinterlands is a very Alliance friendly zone so there may be a lot of enemy presence there.

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