List of Instances

Rage Fire Chasm (14-16) Ogrimmar-Cleft of Shadow Wailing Caverns (20-24) The Barrens Shadowfang Keep (24-26) Silverpine Forest Black Fathom Depths (20-27) Ashenvale

Razorfen Kraul (30-34) The Southern Barrens

Razorfen Depths (38-42) The Southern Barrens

Scarlet Monestary (38-42) Tirisfal Glades

Uldamaan (40-45) The Badlands

Zul'Farrak (44-46) Tanaris

Mauradon (50-52) Desolace

Temple of Atal'Hakkar (50-55) Swamp of Sorrows

Blackrock Depths (52-58) Burning Steppes

Dire Maul (56-60) Feralas

Blackrock Spire (58-60) Burning Steppes

Strathholme (60) Western Plaguelands

Scholomance (60) South of Plaguelands

Note that certain portions of Blackrock Spire, Strathholme, and Scholomance may require a raid group to complete efficiently. These are very difficult instances that require a lot of skill and team-work to complete correctly.

Even after attaining level 60 to acquire the best equipment these instances will be the best reliable source to get rare or epic quality equipment. For end-game purposes for raid encounters such as Molten Core, Azuregos, Lord Kazzak, or Onyxia's Lair having epic and rare quality equipment is essential and is a gateway to getting even more epic quality equipment from these raid-encounters.

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