Molten Core Onyxia

These instances are for one difficult to get to. For Onyxia you must complete a quest in Upper Black Rock Spire to get your key. For Molten Core you must complete a quest in Blackrock Mountain near the Blackrock Depths entrance.

After gaining access to these instances you will need to find a full raid group to accomplish anything. This means getting a rounded group of warriors, healers, damage-dealers and support classes. This group must reach the maximum cap of 40 players.

While inside it would be best to recognize that you will be primarily keeping tabs on all the other players' health and support healing for most of the duration of the fight. Supplying beneficial totems is also important. The Fire Resistance Totem and Grounding Totem are necessary to lessen the overall damage taken.

If the tanks are properly directing the Area of Effect spells that the monsters are using away from the rest of the raid most of the damage will be concentrated on the Warriors allowing the main healers to concentrate on healing the tanks and the Shaman(s) to concentrate on healing the other members of the raid. This includes healing the Main Healer(s). Without them the tanks may die, and any time the Main Healer is using to heal him/herself is time not spent on healing others.

• These instances are very difficult if not approached properly, and deaths will inevitably occur.

• Be prepared to set aside a large amount of time for Molten Core in particular. This instance is very large and each fight is very difficult.

• Remember to be flexible as things can change very rapidly. You may be called on to heal the Tank at times.

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