Questing is an excellent way to level efficiently for earlier levels, to maximize efficiency try to get as many quests in the same area. Do one after another until they are all completed or your bags are full of looted items. Whenever your bags are full be sure to return to a town to unload and repair your equipment. The idea behind quests is to give a goal to remove the boring aspects of grinding. The incentive is to get a small reward either of money or items on top of a lump sum of experience for the completion. If you are in a hurry to get to 60 doing quests and instance runs are the easiest and is probably the quickest way to gain levels. This is all at the cost of not having a high income. This can be counter-balanced by having a lucrative profession to help support your costs. Below I will list the best areas to quest for the appropriate levels in order. I will also list specific areas that have a large number of quests that can be done simultaneously. Note: Questing above level 25 will almost certainly take you into Contested Zones. On a PvP server this may require you to group with a full party to all knock out the quest at the same time. This will make the quest quicker at the cost of less experience gain. However, solo-ing quests will make you a favorable target of higher players seeking an easy kill.

Camp Narache/Valley of Trials (1-5) Bloodhoof Village/Razor Hill (6-10) Sen'jin Village (11-12) The Barrens/Silverpine Forest (12-20) Stonetalon Mountains (15-25)

Southern Barrens (20-25) There are 3 easy quests that can be done at level 20 at Camp Taurahe for very quick experience gain.

Hillsbrad Foothills (20-30) There's a string of quests called Battle for Hillsbrad that all take place in the same area. With a group at level 25 you can take all these quests out very quickly.

Thousand Needles (25-30) ^Shimmering Flats (30-35)

At level 30 Shimmering Flats has 6 quests that can be done in rapid succession while hunting in the same area near the border of Thousand Needles and The Shimmering Flats. This is especially helpful as at level 30 after gaining the Wind Totem a beneficial buff is provided that can make the Shaman very powerful in close-combat. Take advantage of this time since you're in the area anyways and pick up the quests at the Raceway in the center of the flats. Try to do as much of them as you can while the buff lasts (1 hour).

Desolace/Arathi Highlands (30-40)

Alternating between these two areas is a good idea. After the flats go to Desolace and gain at least another level before tackling the Arathi Highlands.

Dustwallow Marsh/The Badlands/Swamp of Sorrows (35-45)

Dustwallow Marsh has a few quests that can be done around level 35, after that it might be suggested to start grinding to save up money for a mount. I will go over this in a later section. After attaining level 40, The Badlands has a number of quests in Kargath that can be done by hunting in the same general area. Swamp of Sorrows has quite a few quests also, but being level 42 is better as you will have access to them all more easily.

Feralas/Tanaris/Searing Gorge (40-50)

Feralas has a lot more quests than the Searing Gorge, but Feralas shouldn't really be attempted till level 42 or 43 to get the most of your time there. Tanaris is a very good place to do questing. However, the town where you get the quests (Gadgetzan) is shared by both Alliance and Horde. So be mindful of players who stand on the rooftops (safe from the guards) and pick away at you and other players from above.

Azshara/Blasted Lands (45-55)

Un'Goro Crater/Felwood/Western Plaguelands (48-55)

Un'Goro Crater has a ridiculous number of quests (12-13) to be done in the early 50s. Once you get to level 50 or 51 gather a party and you will likely gain a level just by hunting animals and the numerous collection quests available. Felwood also has a number of fairly easy hunting quests that can be started at 48. Western Plaguelands shouldn't really start to be attempted until level 51 or 52.

Burning Steppes/Eastern Plaguelands (53-60)

Burning Steppes has very few quests to be done in the actual zone. Mostly all are geared towards Blackrock Depths and/or Blackrock Spire. Eastern Plaguelands has a number of quests that must be done in a party. These quests are generally very difficult.

Winterspring (55-60)]

Winterspring has quite a few quests that can be done fairly easily, and especially so with a partner. In order to do as many as you can at first, try to be level 56 before attempting. Also know that in order to get there at all you must go through a cave that is guarded by a lot of Furlbolgs that are level 53-54. In one particular area there are 4 that can attack you simultaneously if you are not careful.

Keep in mind that starting at level 15 or so, quests will be harder to complete on your own. From that point on it's an excellent choice for experience gain purposes to work with one other player. When working in pairs most quests can be completed with relative ease. There will also be quests where a full party may be required to deal with large numbers of enemies or higher level bosses.

If you play on a Normal Server, the following areas are also good for questing: Ashenvale (18-30)

The quests available initially are very few but Zoram Strand on the far west side of Ashenvale is a good place to do 3 or 4 quests in the same area. Keep in mind it is best to do these at approximately level 20 or 21.

Stranglethorn Vale (30-45)

This area is loaded with quests. A number of quests from Desolace at Shadowprey Village direct the player here. Mid 30s is a good time to venture here as there are quite a few quests that start in Grom'gol Base Camp. This place can be a good intermediary when trying to find quests between Dustwallow Marsh, Desolace, Arathi Highlands, and Feralas.

The only reason I didn't list these areas in the previous list is because on a PVP server these areas are usually PVP hotzones. Hillsbrad can also become a hotzone to a lesser extent. True, PVP is an excellent feature of World of Warcraft (and with the Honor System a very lucrative one), but the inevitable truth is that participating in PVP prior to 60th level is time spent not leveling which should take priority for gaining better equipment and more powerful skills. For the purpose of this section in order to quest efficiently you need to be in areas that are less densely populated.

Another note for questing is that it is best to attempt quests that are within your level requirement. As a rule, you should be fighting enemies that are between 2 levels above you and 2 levels beneath you. At low levels it is best to fight enemies that are higher than you for better experience gain. At high levels a Shaman can usually combat a monster that is 3 levels higher but it will usually require a lot of effort and preparation. To fight multiple enemies that are 3 levels higher will usually result in death for the Shaman, unless in a group with a very capable healer this is usually a waste of time and effort for the Shaman.

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