Ranged Support Shaman PVE Elemental

Improved Lightning Bolt 5/5 Concussion 5/5 Convection 5/5 Elemental Focus 1/1 Call of Thunder 5/5 Elemental Fury 1/1

Enhancement Shield Specialization 5/5 Improved Ghost Wolf 2/2 Restoration

Improved Healing Wave 5/5 Totemic Focus 5/5 Combat Endurance 1/1 Lesser Healing Wave 5/5 Tidal Mastery 5/5 Nature's Swiftness 1/1

This build is very effective for fulfilling the role of support caster/healer in a group. When Soloing, the ideal for this type of Shaman is to keep the battle outside melee range. This build requires a large Mana Pool to maintain it's effectiveness over the course of a battle so a high intellect build is very important. Lightning Bolt will be your primary means of attack for moderate damage but high crit chance and good mana efficiency. Use Ghost Wolf to stay out of melee range to increase the effectiveness of your healing spells and to allow your Lightning spells to be uninterrupted.

Combat Endurance and Shield Specialization can help to keep you better than pure casters on the defense side of things, so be sure to wield one handed weapons and a shield with this build.

One of the bonuses of employing high Intellect equipment with this build is that the cost of party beneficial totems is measly compared to the cost of your spells so keep as many out as possible.

This build is ideal for Instances and grouping as it allows the Shaman to deal moderate damage and heal from afar while bestowing beneficial effects onto the party. This build is decent against melee opponents in PVP, however it will require a lot of use of Ghost Wolf to allow the Shaman time to deal damage from afar. Healing will play a big part to the Shaman's survival in PVP with this build as well.

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