This skill unique to Shamans requires a reagent to be used. Reincarnation finds uses both in PVE and PVP. In PVE this skill can be used to cut down travel time to recover their corpse or alternately can be used to recover from a total party kill in an Instance. In conjunction with Ancestral Spirit, the Shaman can help bring back a party to life at the area where they died. Removing the difficulty of having to fight back to the point where the party died. In PVP this skill can be used to allow the Shaman to return to life much faster (almost instantly) than without it. This means that if the enemy is now concentrating on new targets that the Shaman can return to life and heal him/her-self and return to the fray or return to safety as needed. Note: This skill can only be used once per hour (more frequently with the talent: Improved Reincarnation).

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