Shaman versus Mage

The Mage is a very deadly opponent if they know what they are doing. As one of the highest damage dealing classes in the game they have access to a repertoire of spells and effects to deal maximum amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Most mages will start a fight with Polymorph. Your mighty Shaman will be transformed into a puny sheep while they begin casting one of their more powerful damage spells. This will be a free hit on their part that will leave them temporarily ahead of the game. As soon as you've taken the hit, close the distance. Summoning a Grounding Totem before they get the chance to cast can absorb the polymorph spell so if they are taking the time to cast the powerful Pyroblast spell you will have them at your mercy if they don't move to interrupt their spell-casting.

As soon as you're within range of Earth Shock and they are casting a spell... Use It. In those 2 seconds where they aren't casting spells, Purge their beneficial buffs and close the remaining distance. At this time they will likely Frost Nova you into place. Immediately begin casting Lightning Bolt while they back away. By the time they've begun casting another damage spell you've hit them with a bolt of lightning and your cooldown for Earth Shock is over. If they are still casting then Earth Shock them to interrupt. If you are still frozen into place then cast Lightning Bolt again. If they managed to get their spell off before the Earth Shock it will usually free you from the rooting effect. Note: at this time they may choose to cast Improved Counterspell to keep you silenced for 4 seconds. This will result in a free hit on their part. Again... close the distance. Use Ghost Wolf if necessary. Once you regain melee range begin attacking as soon as you can. Use Earth Bind to slow them if they are retreating.

If they wish to escape melee range yet again, they will Blink 20 yards in the direction they are facing. Be mindful. If they disappear while they are facing you: that means that they are behind you casting a spell. Earth Shock or summon a Grounding Totem again if you can, if not keep applying pressure by moving closer. As soon as you regain melee range they will have no more options of escape available due to cooldowns. In this time they will most likely use their mana-inefficient but powerful Area of Effect spells. If you can manage one more Shock before taking too much damage the fight will usually be over.

When you near low health (around 20%) take the time to heal yourself. The Shaman's heals can outweigh the damage dealt by one of their spells, even if interrupted slightly, it's worth the mana and the time.

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