Shaman Versus Priest

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The Priest can be a surprisingly very difficult opponent to combat. Since the Priest has a bevy of healing abilities at their disposal they can keep themselves healed throughout the battle. The first thing the Shaman must do is Purge the Priests beneficial buffs. This will often times reduce their hitpoints by a significant amount since they rely on their Power Word: Fortitude to grant them a significant number of hitpoints. Secondly the Shaman must keep them within melee range. To do so the Earthbind Totem can be quite effective for short periods of time. As soon as the initial distance is closed either by Frost Shock to slow them or Ghost Wolf to speed yourself, summon the Earthbind Totem to keep them within the reach of your melee strikes. This is one situation where a 2 handed weapon can be more efficient. The greater damage potential is more beneficial than the damage reduction afforded by a shield (as it isn't applied against spells).

Priests deal most of their damage via DoT attacks and other spells. The Grounding Totem is quite useful against Priests as it will absorb a spell once every 10 seconds. Allow the first spell to be absorbed and then the next spell they cast that has a cast-time use Earth Shock to interrupt it and keep them from casting from that school for 2 seconds (against Shadowformed Priests this will negate their damage dealing opportunities briefly). Use this time to close the distance if necessary.

Another skill the Priest will use is Power Word: Shield which will absorb a flat amount of damage for a period of time. Purge the shield as soon as it goes up. You may encounter a "Absorbed" message but don't let that keep you from trying again. It may take more than one cast of Purge but it is worth it. Have your Earth Shock ready as they tend to heal themselves after casting Power Word: Shield.

Keep the Lightning Shield spell effect up at all times because if the Priest so chooses they can Silence the Shaman to keep him/her from casting Shocks. With Lightning Shield they will still take additional damage.

Remember that the Priest is only effective as long as they have mana remaining. As soon as they are out of mana they are dead in the water. If they attempt to heal, heal yourself at the same time. Even with no mana the Shaman can still destroy a Priest with no mana in close combat.

If they are near death (or if they feel like controlling the distance at the beginning of the fight) they may use Mind Control or Cause Fear to push you farther away. As soon as you close the distance counter this with a Tremor Totem or Grounding Totem to shorten (or negate) the time your Shaman runs away or is being controlled by the Priest.

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