Shaman versus Shaman

In a duel scenario fighting a fellow Shaman is mostly a battle of attrition and luck. Two smart Shaman can counter each others every move. I can however provide tips to help your efficiency.

1. Don't bother casting Lightning Shield. It can be, and will be Purged. Save your mana. Similarly if the opponent tries to use Lightning Shield then Purge it to remind them who they're fighting.

2. Wait for the other Shaman to place their Totems first. And use yours accordingly. If they use Grounding Totem, summon a Searing Totem to use up the first absorbed spell and to damage them simultaneously. If they use Strength of Earth Totem, use Stoneskin Totem to negate their added melee damage by a comparible amount. Use common sense to counteract totem combinations.

3. Wait until directly after they shock to heal yourself. Otherwise as soon as they see the casting animation they will just Earth Shock to counteract the effect.

4. If you are using a fast weapon, take the time to attack their totems. It will only take 1 attack to take them down and you can most likely spare the time to reduce their effectiveness by a small amount. Don't spend the whole battle destroying their totems however. The time lost not attacking them adds up.

5. Don't bother trying to gain or lose distance. If the other Shaman is silly enough to try to fight at range then just Frost Shock and Earth Bind them to keep them reigned in.

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