The Earthfury

Mail Armor Shaman Set (Found off monsters and bosses in MC) This set is very hard to get in full. Most Shaman will be lucky to get 1 piece for each Molten Core run. One plus is that only Shaman will roll on this item as it is Shaman specific. (See full set details below.)

The Earthfury

2427 Armor, +38 Strength, +25 Agility, +96 Stamina, +114 Intellect, +124 Spirit

+32 Fire Resist, +15 Frost Resist, +17 Nature Resist, +15 Shadow Resist, +15 Arcane Resist

+133 to Healing Spells and Effects +56 damage to Nature spells +35 damage to Frost spells +35 damage to Fire spells

+5 yards to the radius of your totems that affect friendly targets +5 to Strength of Earth and Grace of Air totem effects.

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