The Elemental Tree Tier

Concussion 5/5 - Increases the damage of your Shocks by 5%

As a first Tier talent this can be very helpful at high levels as it increases the damage on your shocks by up to 40 damage or so, which is even more when a critical hit is scored. Also a requirement to getting more important shock talents, so might be worth planning ahead.

Improved Lightning Bolt 5/5 - Reduces the Mana Cost of your Lightning Bolt spell by 15%.

If you plan to invest points in to Lightning Mastery, this talent can go a long way to making your Lightning Bolt spell very efficient at high levels. If you want to spend more of your time at ranged fighting in Instances, these can be 5 points well spent.

Tier 2- Requires 5 points in Elemental Talents

Call of Flame 5/5 - Increases the damage of your Fire Totems by 10%

This can be helpful if you intend to use your Fire Totems often. For the most part points are better spent else where as the Shaman has more efficient means of dealing damage to singular targets which will be most of the Shaman's career.

Convection 5/5 - Reduces the Mana Cost of your Shocks by 10%

Requirements: 5/5 Concussion Another talent in the Shock line, this one can be very helpful for maintaining efficiency at high levels. Since you will be Shocking more that once during a fight, saving that much more mana for other abilities or totems can be very good.

Improved Searing Totem 2/2 - Increases the duration of your Searing Totem by 20%

For soloing this Talent is not exceptionally useful. As most fights will only last it's starting duration, adding more time to it's presence is not integral as you can always summon another one if the first one runs out. This can be helpful during instances as some fights can last more than a minute due to the high health of the elite monsters you fight. Not a terrible investment, but not altogether helpful.

Improved Stoneclaw Totem 5/5 - Increases the health of your Stoneclaw Totem by 25%

The health rating of the current Stoneclaw Totem is negligible. In instances it will usually only last through 2-3 hits and then finished. Granting it more health for 1-2 more hits in not a good investment for 5 talent points.

Tier 3- Requires 10 points in Elemental Talents

Call of Thunder 5/5 - Increases your chance to score a critical hit with your Lightning Spells by 5%.

Being a prerequisite for Elemental Fury some say that if you want to go farther than the 4th Tier this Talent is a necessity. It also grants a respectible bonus to critical chance, which leads to more fights starting with a pretty devastating blow. If you wish to do a lot of ranged fighting with Lightning spells then this Talent is very helpful.

Elemental Focus 1/1 - Grants a 10% chance to enter a clear casting state after casting any Fire, Frost, or Nature damage spell. This clear casting state reduces the mana cost for any damage spell by 100%.

This Talent is one of the best available to the Shaman. In PVE and PVP this can lead to chains of free mana cost spells. Which is especially helpful. This talent sounds like it should be once every 10 casts, but in actuality it barely occurs that often. It will most often happen 2-3 times in one fight at some times. And others it won't occur at all for multiple fights in a row. Very good for grinding and steady amounts of Shock Damage when fighting high-hitpoint elite monsters. Keep in mind that if you are in a party can your clear casting state starts at the end of the fight, DO NOT search out the next fight unless everyone is ready. It is better to let it go than start a fight that won't be won. Reverberation 5/5 - Reduces the cooldown of your shocks by 1 second.

Requirements: 5/5 Convection This may not seem like much, but in actuality it leads to more constant DPS as well as allowing the Shaman to better take advantage of Elemental Focus when ever it occurs. Reducing cool-downs on your best supply of burst damage is a good thing.

Tier 4- Requires 15 points in Elemental Talents

Improved Fire Nova Totem 2/2 - Reduces the time it takes the Fire Nova Totem to go off by 2 seconds.

If you intend to use the Fire Nova Totem effectively against monsters this Talent is a must have. With out it, it will give the monster 4 seconds to attack it before it goes off. With it there is only 2 seconds. To disrupt both monsters and players alike from getting a chance to attack it, this Talent in conjunction with the Tauren War Stomp ability is priceless. Summon the Totem, War Stomp and watch the Fire fly!

Tier 5- Requires 20 points in Elemental Talents

Elemental Fury 1/1 - Increases the critical damage bonus of your Fire, Frost and Nature damage spells to 100%

Requirements: 5/5 Call of Thunder If you intend to move this high in the Talent tree you must at least get this Talent. Also as a prerequisite to the highest talent in the Elemental Tree you must get this talent in order to get Elemental Mastery. This talent makes each spell critical hit especially potent. Most direct damage from other spell casters can critical for only 1.5 times the normal damage. The Shaman can double their normal damage with a critical hit.

Improved Magma Totem 2/2 - Reduces the Mana Cost of your Magma Totem by 20%. This talent is helpful for reducing the mana inefficiency of the powerful Magam Totem. 20% is an awesome reduction, and for something as mana intensive as Magma Totem this talent can be a good use of 2 points for filler in this tree.

Tier 6- Requires 25 points in Elemental Talents

Improved Chain Lightning 2/2 - Increases the damage of your Chain Lightning Spell by 10%

As a 6th tier Talent this talent is good, but not exceptionally powerful. It increases the capability of the Chain Lightning Spell to allow for quite powerful critical damage, but in this Tier it's not the best use of Talent points.

Lightning Mastery 5/5 - Reduces the Cast Time of your Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt spells by 1 second.

For the 6th Tier and 1 step away from Elemental Mastery this talent is excellent. Reducing the cast time of Lightning Bolt to 2 seconds is invaluable for PVE and helpful for PVP. The fact that it reduces the cast time for Chain Lightning to a miniscule 1.5 seconds, is reason enough to pick up this Talent.

Tier 7 - Requires 30 points in Elemental Talents

Elemental Mastery 1/1 - Activate to increase the chance to score a critical hit with your next Fire, Frost or Nature damage spell to 100%.

Requirements: 1/1 Elemental Fury As the most powerful final tier talent, Elemental Mastery in conjunction with Elemental Fury can lead to spectacular burst damage when the situation calls for it. In PVP use this talent to finish off the enemy before they get a chance to run away or heal themselves. When fighting Paladins use this talent and a Shock to deal the finishing blow before they raise a protective shield. Against Warriors, Rogues, Mages, or Hunters use this skill to deal an extra load of direct damage at the beginning of a fight.

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