The Enhancement Talent Tree Tier

Ancestral Knowledge 5/5 - Increases total Mana Pool by 5%.

This talent is especially not useful at low levels. At high levels this talent can serve some use if your Shaman is more caster oriented as you will likely be working towards a high Intellect build. However it will only amount to a small amount of mana even with the proper equipment. If you are certain you won't be using Shields at any time then use this talent, other wise just use Shield Specialization.

Shield Specialization 5/5 - Increases chance to block with a shield by 5% For most Shamans both caster or melee oriented this Talent can be well worth the points. Increasing the chance to block is making the shield all that much more helpful for keeping the Shaman from taking too much damage. A very good Talent to invest points into.

Tier 2 - Requires 5 points in Enhancement Tree

Improved Ghost Wolf 2/2 - Reduces cast time of the Ghost Wolf ability by 2 seconds. For PVE and PVP this talent is invaluable. Reducing the cast time to a very quick 1 second, is a good way to keep Ghost Wolf a useable skill in battle. Without this talent Ghost Wolf is almost nothing more than a travel form.

Improved Lightning Shield 3/3 - Increases the damage each Lightning Shield orb deals by 15%

This Talent is very helpful at high levels—which means it's an excellent use of points. Increasing the damage potential of a very easy to use and mana-efficient skill, this talent can allow the Shaman to deal an extra 90 points of damage at max level which is helpful considering the Shaman doesn't have to do anything.

Improved Stoneskin Totem 3/3 - Increases the amount reduced by the Stoneskin Totem by 20%

This Talent isn't the best use of points. At the highest level this talent will only afford an extra 5 reduced damage. True it adds up, but in the end, since the Shaman can heal, these 3 points are better spent elsewhere.

Thundering Strikes 5/5 - Increases the chance to score a critical hit in close combat by

The reason this talent is a prerequisite to Flurry is both in form and function. Increasing your chance to score a critical hit in melee is very helpful. This Talent at it's highest level is like gaining an extra 100 agility for purposes of calculating critical chances. With this talent in mind, Flurry becomes all that more effective and commonplace.

Tier 3 - Requires 10 points in Enhancement Tree Anticipation 5/5 - Increases your Defense skill by 10

Anticipation affects your Shaman's ability to dodge, parry and be missed from enemy attacks. For a shield bearing Shaman this talent can be all that much more helpful for making the Shaman hard to take down. Not a terrible investment but there are other talents that are more effective for the points.

Improved Strength of Earth Totem 3/3 - Increases the amount of strength granted by the Strength of Earth Totem by 15%

At low levels this Talent is not exceptionally helpful. At high levels it can grant an extra 1 DPS to the party's weapon attacks, while also improving the amount of damage blocked by shields. Overall not a terrible investment if you plan to play a supportive Shaman to a party of close combat oriented players.

Two Handed Axes and Maces 1/1 - Allows you to use Two Handed Axes and Maces.

Although the Shaman already has access to the two handed weapon the Staff, this talent allows the Shaman to find 2 handed weapons that are more suited to close combat. As a matter of preference for 1 point, if you think 2 handed axes or maces just look cooler and you want to deal more damage per hit with your melee attacks, this talent can be worth the single point investment. Be mindful that, you will be competing with warriors for 2 handed weapons more often in Instance situations.

Tier 4 - Requires 15 points in Enhancement Tree

Flurry 5/5 - Whenever a critical hit is scored in melee, the next 3 swings will have reduced attack speed by 30%.

Requirements: 5/5 Thundering Strikes

This is one of the most powerful talents in the Enhancement tree. Critical hits should occur at least once to twice per fight so this means that 3-6 attacks will be going off quite quickly. With two handed weapons this effect is especially noticeable since the high damage per hit allows for some very devastating results. When combined with Windfury this results in a veritable barrage of devastating proportions.

Improved Rockbiter Weapon 2/2 - Increases the Attack Power granted by the Rockbiter Weapon Enhancement by 10%

Rockbiter is a good standby for all situations due to it's constant usability. Increasing it's Attack Power granted is helpful but not overall noticeable in effectiveness. It usually only equates to a couple points of damage increase per hit even at it's highest level. Not a Terrible investment but at this Tier, Flurry is the obvious choice.

Tier 5 - Requires 20 points in Enhancement Tree

Improved Flametongue Weapon 2/2 - Increases the damage dealt by the Flametongue Weapon Enhancement by 10%

This weapon enhancement is basically on par with Rockbiter as far as extra damage dealt. Putting points into this Talent is basically like putting points into Rockbiter. At this Tier there are better point investments to be considered.

Improved Frostbrand Weapon 2/2 - Increases the damage dealt by the Frostbrand Weapon Enhancement by 10%

Frostbrand on its own does a respectable amount of burst damage. With this talent it can do more for each time it goes into effect. At its highest level this Talent will allow the Frostbrand effect to deal 175 damage each time it goes off. For fast 1 handed weapon users this Talent can be worth the 2 point investment.

Improved Windfury 2/2 - Increases the Attack Power granted by the Windfury Weapon Enhancement by 22%.

Windfury can be quite devastating on it's own. Increasing the power of the 2 extra granted attacks can lead to incredible amounts of damage. Especially when one of those attacks score a critical hit. When this talent is used with a high level Two Handed weapon those crits can reach up to around 1100 damage. For a melee attack that occurs instantly that's the best you can get. This can even happen multiple times in a fight, making this talent well worth the 2 point investment.

Parry 1/1 - Grants a chance to Parry enemy attacks.

This Talent is exceptionally helpful for melee-oriented Shaman, as it allows the Shaman to parry at all, making them at least on par with other melee classes on the defense aspect of things. For Shield users and 2 handed weapon users this is very helpful for that extra edge in close combat.

Tier 6 - Requires 25 points in Enhancement Tree

Improved Grounding Totem 2/2 - Increases the frequency that the Grounding Totem will absorb spells by 4 seconds.

Bringing the frequency down to 6 seconds this can usually mean that every 3 spells or so will be absorbed, making this totem very effective against caster classes. If you are going this far down the Enhancement tree this can be very helpful when combatting spell casters making the Totem very beneficial for a party as well as the Shaman in PVP. Toughness 5/5 - Increases the amount of armor bestowed by equipment by 10%.

Requirements: 1/1 Parry For a Shield using Shaman this talent is well worth the investment as it makes Mail Armor and the Shield very effective in the damage reduction department. For high level gear this can allow the Shaman to reach up to 5000 Armor Rating which is excellent for a hybrid class.

Tier 7 - Requires 30 points in Enhancement Tree

Stormstrike 1/1 - Activate to receive an extra instant attack as well as bestowing 20% increased damage for the next two sources of Nature damage. Lasts 12 seconds. This Talent is not the most powerful available to the Shaman, however the ability to bestow an extra attack when needed can be very helpful with Flurry and Windfury alike. The bonus damage granted is best used with Earth Shock for a melee fighter as the cast times are far too long for the lightning spells. Not a terrible investment if you have invested 30 points in Enhancement already, but it will not make the Shaman. Improved Grace of Air Totem 3/3 - Increases the amount of agility bestowed by the Grace of Air Totem by 15%

This Totem is very helpful to the Flurry specced Shaman and can also help any other melee combatants with their crit chances. If your Melee Shaman is very party oriented this final Tier Talent is not a bad option for bestowing a great amount of Agility to all the party members. Rogues in your party will love this Totem, so if you pair with a Rogue often this talent can make both of you very powerful in melee.

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