The Tauren

The Tauren Racial Traits are as follows:

• War-Stomp: Activate to stun enemies within 5 yards for 2 seconds. 0.5 sec cast-time. 2 minute cool-down.

• Cultivation: +15 skill bonus to Herbalism.

• Nature Resistance: +10 to Nature Resistance.

The Tauren have something of mixed batch of racial traits. The War-Stomp yields the only stun that can be accessible to Shamans. The stun being an ability that many strategies can be based off of—as it gives you nearly 2 seconds of free time to make a critical move. Endurance is exactly what it states, it helps you outlast your opponent by being able to take that much more damage. At 60th level this can lead to a boost of 200+ health points. Cultivation is a nice touch story wise, but will only benefit you if you intend to take up the Herbalism profession. Nature Resistance is not exceptionally powerful but it gives protection where you would have none at low levels.

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