The Ten Storms

Mail Armor Shaman Set (Found off monsters and bosses in MC) This set is very hard to get in full. Like the Earthfury set in difficulty to collect, however if you find a piece of one set you should concentrate on that set and ignore the other to help the chances of another Shaman from getting a full set of one or the other first.) (See full set details below.)

The Ten Storms

2773 armor, +69 Strength, +25 Agility, +102 Stamina, +114 Intellect, +148 Spirit

+21 Fire Resist, +14 Nature Resist, +15 Frost Resist, +12 Shadow Resist, +6 Arcane


+121 to healing spells and effects +62 damage to Nature spells +41 damage to Frost spells +41 damage to Fire spells

All targets of Chain Heal beyond the first are healed an additional 10%. 2% improved chance to score a critical hit with Nature damage spells.

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