Ill do whatever you say

Another who believed so much in Malfurion that it made the archdruid sad. Many had already died because of what needed to be done and many more likely would.

He explained what he needed and received immediate assurance from Broll. Hamuul could be trusted to keep matters coordinated with King Varian and the others. The tauren would make certain that the efforts by the defenders would not flag.

They dared not.not even though it was very likely that, by themselves, all those whom Malfurion had gathered would prove insufficient to stop the evil tide.

And so, with the others hopefully soon where he needed them, Malfurion at last knew that he had to tell Tyrande where they were. "This region looks much different now, but you must recall it."

The high priestess had been studying their surroundings during his brief contact with the others. Her expression had grown more and more troubled.

"I cannot shake a feeling." Tyrande looked into his eyes, her own growing as wide as saucers. "Malfurion, this is not where—but Suramar was taken—"

"Yes," he murmured. "We are in the edge of what was once Zin-Azshari."

The high priestess shuddered, then her resolve steeled. "Where do we go?"

The archdruid pointed to her right. There, some jagged hills could just be made out in the mist. The smell of the sea—the Coral Sea, they both knew—permeated the air and in the distance they could hear the crash of waves against the great cliffs overlooking the dark expanse of waters. Waters where far in the past the legendary night elf capital and the Well of Eternity had existed.

Tyrande nodded, then frowned. "He should have been pulled into the sea with the rest of it, Malfurion."

The archdruid's gaze narrowed in thought. "Yes.he should have been."

Expression grimly set, she started toward the hills. However, Malfurion seized her arm. "No, Tyrande.this must be done differently."

He threw aside the spear. Then, from his belt, the night elf removed what little bit remained of the branch that he had broken off. Malfurion had placed it there just before following Remulos.

To her surprise, he then sat down.

"Mal! Have you gone mad?"

"Listen to me," he urged. "Watch me close. I must do something that may put me at great risk, but it needs to be done if the others are to play their part. Be wary.he could easily choose that time to strike us down."

She eyed the mist. "It's very quiet here."

"And that is when the danger is greatest." Setting himself into a meditative position, Malfurion shut his eyes. "If I do this right, it will take only a moment."

Exhaling, the archdruid concentrated. Despite his concerns, he quickly began to sink into the state he required.

That which had once been the glorious Emerald Dream greeted him. Malfurion darted forward. His goal lay just ahead.

A shadow moved. It was not one of the satyrs, however, but rather that of the huge, wicked tree with the skeletal branches.

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