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There are nine classes in World of Warcraft, ranging from the usual archetypes (warrior, priest, mage, etc.) to some that are relatively unique (hunter, shaman). This section is intended to give you a bit of an introduction to each of the classes, and let you know the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.

To begin with, we're going to give you a basic idea of what the class is all about, then segue into a discussion of specific tactics you might want to use in a variety of situations. Since WoW enables you to play solo if you wish, we'll be discussing tactics applicable both to solo and group play, both for player versus environment (i.e., AI-controlled monsters) and player versus player combat.



• You can equip almost any weapon that you find, in addition to all armor pieces.

• Good damage output in melee combat.

• Highest health of any class, equipment notwithstanding, allowing you to stay in the forefront of battle.


• Expected to manage incoming enemies in battle, which can be difficult.

• Unable to heal themselves unless they use food or first aid.

Does anyone really need to have the warrior explained to them? As in most fantasy-based games, the warrior in World of Warcraft is the big, burly melee warrior that goes toe-to-toe with the enemies and tries to draw their attention away from the weaker members of your party.

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