Mob Classes

Mobs come in a variety of forms, which we'll list below. Some mobs have different loot types than others, some will have special loot drops, and some will have unique resistances.


A large number of the enemies you'll face in World of Warcraft will be humanoids. Humanoids aren't necessarily humans; it's just a general term to signify that the group has some vestige of civilization, along with abilities that extend beyond those of the beasts in the wilderness. Defias raiders, Dark dwarves, gnolls, troggs, goblins, and the like are all considered to be humanoids.

Scromgaree Keep fx I

11 ffiSSM

Battle Shout 42 seconds

Devotion Aura skysword receives loot: [Silk Cloth], [1. General] Charlzatan; is that the courier part? Your share of the loot is 3 Silver, 21 Copper. Syndicate Magus runs away in fear! You have gained 1 skill point.

[1. General] Xiochi; its the part where you help Kinelory sneak in the farm [1. General] Charlzatan; ah ok i'm on the part before that:)

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