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Play on autopilot and stop thinking about what to do next. Dugi Guides have evolved from a written step-by-step guide to a easy to read in-game guide to a sophisticated fully automatic guide that people named Dugi Guides V4, which is 4th generation of in-game leveling guide since it first started. 100% Automated System. The standard features alone will allow breeze through each zone in World of Warcraft. Automatic Step Completion. Quest History Tracking. Easy Guide Selection System. 3D Model Viewer. The model viewer can teach you precisely what each Npc or Object look like in 3D. Now you will know exactly what you're looking for before you reach your destination. What better description than a 3D image of exactly what you're looking for. Map Preview. New and exclusive with Dugi 5.2 The map preview feature will display a cool Hud style display to instantly guide you on where to go and highlight the quest area. Fully automated with automatic step detection and automatic waypoints. Simple and easy to use. Step-by-step instructions. Compatible with Any level character. Compatible with Recruit-a-friend, Dungeons Heirlooms and Pvp leveling. Lightweight and doesnt slow down your computer. Continue reading...

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I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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This Ultimate World of War Craft Secret Guide Covers

Level 1 to 60 World of Warcraft is a fast paced game - in a month you can reach the maximum level. The leveling guides for horde and alliance players show you where to go to get the best experience. This ultimate leveling break-down ranges from level 1 to 60. Warcraft Advanced Statistics, calculating your rest times and an ingame financial guideline should help you to understand the mechanics behind World of Warcraft and how they affect you. This pragmatic advice ranges from which trade skill items to keep for which artisan to expert advice on how to profit of the WoW auction system.

The Complete Strategy Guide Of

WORLD OF WARCRAFT IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF BLIZZARD, 2004 WORLD OF WARCRAFT IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF BLIZZARD, 2004 There've been plenty of massively multiplayer games to come out over the past few years, and there are plenty more on the way. Into this crowded (some would saturated) marketplace, Blizzard has finally launched their initial entry into the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Based on their tremendously popular Warcraft universe, World of Warcraft features what can only be termed a stunning amount of content, and with its emphasis on casual play and soloability, is sure to be a favorite with gamers, perhaps especially those without much experience in online RPGs.

Coinage in the World ofWarcraft

The monetary system in the world of Warcraft operates on the scale described in the Wealth and Money section of Chapter 7 in the Player's Handbook. But for the type of political problems Brann describes above, rates of exchange are as laid out in the Player's Handbook, and prices for trade goods and equipment not explicitly determined elsewhere in the Warcraft RPG and its sourcebooks are as described in the chapter. The only exception is that platinum pieces have yet to make an appearance in the world of Azeroth though the value of platinum is recognized, it is rare enough that it is still used primarily as a decorative material rather than a type of coinage.

Totem Throwing M [Tocemic

Benefit When you cast a totem spell, you can throw the totem a short distance away. To do this, you target a specific grid intersection as though throwing a splash weapon (see World of Warcraft RPG, Chapter 12 Combat, Throw Splash Weapon ). If the attack misses, the attack deviates like other splash weapons, but not more than 1 square. Thrown totems have a range increment of 5 feet.

QMs Option Druids Shaman and Witch Doctors and High Divinists

The methods by which priests, druids, shaman, and witch doctors gain and cast their spells varies greatly. Priests have access to divine magic, for example, while druids wield nature magic. Despite these differences, in World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game, all of these classes are paths of the healer class and, in game terms, their magic functions similarly. Therefore, as an option, the GM may allow druids, shaman, and witch doctors to take levels in the high divinist prestige class. Doing so represents mastery of their own unique brand of magic, and obviously they do not call themselves high priests.

Outland Small Pet Locations

Just as with World of Warcraft before the Burning Crusade, pets are still very popular items at the Auction House. The following table contains a list of pets that can be purchased by a vendor. Some of the pets may cost upwards of 40 Gold which sounds like a lot but as you'll see, you can turn right around and sell them for a lot more. Be sure to check the Auction House for each of the pets listed below to see which ones are most popular where you play and focus on those. I play on several servers and the demand for various pets can be different across each one.

Adventures at the Dawn of History

Campaigns set in the earliest days of the world of Warcraft happen between 10,000 and 14,000 years before the present day. The night elf society is similar to that seen in Warcraft III, but the other races are quite different. The high elves are still physically the same as the night elves, living nocturnal lives and slowly corrupting themselves with arcane magic. The dwarves are just beginning to develop their traditions and make the earliest of the technological innovations that will revolutionize the world. Humans are nearly as savage as their foes among the trolls, and both groups wander the land battling each other while trying to plant the seeds of their cultures.

James Alliance leveling guide Chapter II

This guide will take you from level 41 to level 50 in a breeze, but you can actually start with it at level 44 for example and catch up with the guide really quick, it's not an issue. I suggest you read the basic rules and recommendations I listed in the Chapter I of my leveling guide if you haven't already. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran world of warcraft player, if you follow this guide carefully you'll find yourself XP'ing at an hillarious rate. So please give it a try and then say how it went for you

Using the Auction House

The auction house is an essential tool in your money making endeavours in World of Warcraft. You should sell most of your green items here, especially those with good stats. Anything above green should automatically be placed on the auction house (make sure you are getting a good deal, though).

Knaz and Gnaz Blunderflame

Deadly Scope Schematic

By now you should have realized that this indeed is a major source of gold for players of just about any level. Three days before writing this section I had 12 gold to my name. Now after running my route a few times, I have 109 gold, and I didn't have to kill anything, complete a difficult instance, or find any rare items. This is, hands down, the best method I have ever found for earning quick and easy gold in World of Warcraft. Now it's yours

Spiders Silk in Arathi Highlands

Farming Spider Silk Alliance

Spider's silk is one of the most valuable commonly dropped items in World of Warcraft. Any spider from around level 18 to 36 can drop spider's silk when killed. Although some spiders don't like to part with silk very often you can still make out really well on their vendor trash.

Steam Armor Equipment

If using the item does not require a die roll, it malfunctions based on the Use Technological Device check to activate the armor and in extraordinary circumstances. See Chapter 11 Technological Devices in the World of Warcraft RPG book for more information. TS Modifier Add this modifier to the armor's base TS to ascertain the armor's overall Technology Score (see World of Warcraft RPG, Chapter 11 Technological Devices). If this entry is absent, the device does not affect the armor's Technology Score. You cannot add a piece of equipment to a suit of steam armor if the equipment would increase the armor's TS beyond your Technological Limit.

Whales in the Starter

He rest of this rulebook is divided into three parts game rules, advanced concepts, and the glossary. The game rules will tell you everything you need to know to start playing the World of Warcraft TCG. You can reference the glossary or advanced concepts section whenever you wish. What a hero can do in the World of Warcraft TCG is determined by his or her traits. Your hero has five traits faction, talent spec, professions, race, and class. o PROFESSIONS Each hero has two professions, which will be important in future World of Warcraft TCG expansions. Future sets will include cards like Glimmering Mithril Insignia for Blacksmiths and Smoking Heart of the Mountain for Enchanters. o RACE In future World of Warcraft TCG expansions, there will be cards that can be used only by members of a certain race. For example, the Undead will have a Cannibalize card.

Hunting for Fun and Profit

One thing that World of Warcraft implements that many other games don't is the ability to make a significant amount of money just by murdering monsters. It's that simple. You might be skeptical, but just-plain-killing is as viable of a money maker as many of these other methods. This section of the guide will list every zone in World of Warcraft and the best things to kill for merchant profit. No need to worry about market prices, inflation, supply or demand. You'll always be able to make a healthy coin just killing the right things. Not everything in World of Warcraft nets a nice profit though, so use this section to find the diamonds in the rough. I'll be blunt this section took me several days to complete. I'm pretty happy with the result, but it just might look like a lot of tables to you. That's mainly because World of Warcraft has a whole lot of different areas. I organized all the zones in alphabetical order. World of Warcraft Gold Guide - 31 - Game Guides

Server Maintenance Windows

Keep an eye on the Message Window when you first start up World of Warcraft to see when they reboot. They will usually have a maintenance schedule or give you a couple days notice on when they are rebooting the servers. When this happens there are two things you HAVE to do. Before the reboot, start bidding very low on the auctions that have Short or Medium time left. When the reboot occurs you will be the high bidder and because the servers are offline, other players can't outbid you. This allows you to get some very nice items for a lot less than they would normally go for which you can then in turn put back up for sale for EASY money. After the reboot, the Limited Supply Items are back up for sale at a lot of the merchants. If you can get online shortly after the server is back up, make sure you hit up a lot of the merchants and vendors. Some areas that are loaded with them and are very close to each other so you can get to them all very quickly are Ratchet, Booty Bay, and Gadgetzan.

Shaman Playable Races

Now that you have the basics down for what a shaman is, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what their base statistics mean, you can make an educated guess on what race would best suit your play style. Don't worry about making a wrong choice here. Every playable race in World of Warcraft makes a strong shaman. They do have their own strengths and weaknesses though, which are listed below. Trolls are the Jamaican-talking elf-looking green people you see around the Horde lands. Unlike nearly every other kind of troll in the World of Warcraft, these are nice trolls. By nice we mean they won't capture you, cook you up in brew, and eat your meaty bits.

Improved Slice and Dice Superb

Having 45 more time on your Slice and Dice ability extends it to 30 seconds with 5 combo points. With most of the short fights in World of Warcraft, that often means the entire battle. In a raid situation, it grants you an extra 9 seconds, or 90 energy, before you need to reapply. It also saves you 5 combo points a minute on a raid boss fight, which can be turned into an Eviscerate for some extra damage. The extra benefit is that a one-point slice and dice lasts 13 seconds, and when combined with Ruthlessness and Relentless Strikes you will occasionally a Slice and Dice for free after a finishing move.

Location Location Location

N World of Warcraft the location of where you sell is almost as important as what and how you sell. What are the three most important factors in real estate Location, Location, Location. There are currently three auction houses in World of Warcraft and each has its pros and cons. Since your character is either Horde of Alliance you actually only have two auction house choices. The following will help you make that choice Ironforge houses the most active auction house in all of World of Warcraft. There are a larger number of Alliance players then Horde players on each server which makes the Alliance run auction house the largest. You would think that the neutral faction auction house would be the largest, but it is not. This is partly due to the higher fees it charges, its out of the way location, and the difficulty in traveling there (level 40+ monsters outside the city). As an Alliance player Ironforge should be your number one choice for most of your auction items. There are some...

Tradeskill Learning Products

To produce the higher level rare tradeskill products you will have to acquire special tradeskill plans and recipes to learn how to make the tradeskill product. A number of these plans are extremely rare, hard to find, and have a high usability. That means a number of these tradeskill learning products yield a high price. They yield such a high price because usually only a small number of people can produce the rarest tradeskill items and therefore have a monopoly on the market. Some of the richest players in World of Warcraft are high level tradeskillers who know how to play the economy. For this reason if you acquire one of those rare plans, in some cases it may be beneficial to invest in yourself. Instead of selling it you can learn how to produce that item yourself. In the long run this can net you a large profit. Then again you have a limited number of tradeskills that you can learn per character. Selling finished tradeskill products brings us to our next section

Quick Note on Instance Loot Etiquette

Instances can be an excellent way to find exceptional equipment for your level. Be mindful of other players needs as well. A new feature in World of Warcraft allows all the players to roll on loot above a certain quality threshold. This is the desired method of distributing loot fairly. Never roll on something that you can't use. This may seem logical but there are players out there where greed controls everything. If more than one player can use the item in question, discuss who will roll for the item before anyone rolls at all. Also, do not loot during battle. Keep your mind at the task at hand, instead of what new equipment you may find.

Improved Deadly Poison Good

Let me be honest with you, the World of Warcraft community will laugh if they know you have this talent. Why is an extra 15 chance to apply Deadly Poison so good if you already get 5 debuffs stacked when using this on your main hand weapon The point everyone misses is that you can now stack 5 debuffs by only using this poison on your offhand weapon, freeing up ' the main hand for something more important like Crippling Poison, Mind Numbing Poison, Wounding Poison, or Instant Poison. Note that you will not always get to 5 debuffs, but your chances are improved by chance-to-hit gear, and a fast offhand weapon. Since your offhand weapon speed has no impact on its overall damage, I'd recommend getting one as fast as possible. If you have +8 to hit (3 from gear and 5 points in precision) a 2.4 speed weapon will have an 89 chance to stack to 5 poisonings, and a 1.7 speed weapon will have a 98 chance to stack to 5 poisonings. With +0 to hit, those chances are about 50 and 80 . The only...

Players and Ms

You've clicked those units and completed those quests online. Now is your chance to make Azeroth and the stories of its heroes and epic battles truly come alive. With World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game (or just WoW RPG), you can explore the world of Warcraft at your tabletop, in sagas of your own making. The WoW RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game, also called a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Imagine you and a bunch of your friends, sitting around a table, eating pizza, drinking sodas, and inventing stories set in the Warcraft world. That's what the WoW RPG is all about. Each player creates a character that represents his alter ego on Azeroth, much like in the World of Warcraft computer game, except for one player the Game Master. The Game Master (or GM) controls everything except the other players' characters. he LJpen gaming License World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game uses the Open Gaming License (OGL), created by Wizards of the Coast. The WoW RPG, therefore, is fully...

Making Money

Of course one of the biggest goals in the game is to make money. There are four ways to make money in the World of Warcraft. You can either invest time in tradeskills, play the auction market, save like a SOB, or grind enemies. Money is used to fund equipment and goods early mid game, and cool status stuff later.


There are nine classes in World of Warcraft, ranging from the usual archetypes (warrior, priest, mage, etc.) to some that are relatively unique (hunter, shaman). This section is intended to give you a bit of an introduction to each of the classes, and let you know the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. Does anyone really need to have the warrior explained to them As in most fantasy-based games, the warrior in World of Warcraft is the big, burly melee warrior that goes toe-to-toe with the enemies and tries to draw their attention away from the weaker members of your party.

Mob Classes

A large number of the enemies you'll face in World of Warcraft will be humanoids. Humanoids aren't necessarily humans it's just a general term to signify that the group has some vestige of civilization, along with abilities that extend beyond those of the beasts in the wilderness. Defias raiders, Dark dwarves, gnolls, troggs, goblins, and the like are all considered to be humanoids.

The Auction House

Ver since auction houses entered World of Warcraft the economy has never been the same. Auction houses are an NPC service offered in World of Warcraft's three major cities. Ironforge houses the Alliance-specific auction house while Orgrimmar runs the Horde-specific auction house. Alliance players can not use the Orgimmar auction house and Horde players can not use the Ironforge auction house. The one auction house that is an exception to this is the Gadgetzan auction house. The Gadgetzan auction house is run by the greedy Goblins and allows trade between Alliance and Horde players (they don't care what faction you are, only if you have money). The advantages and disadvantages to using the different auction houses will be discussed later. The final part of any auction is retrieval. In the old World of Warcraft economy both players had to be logged in and meet in a central location. Using auction houses the product is automatically mailed to the buyer and the currency is


To install an addon first download it to your computer. From there you must extract it to your Addons file which can usually be found in c program files World of Warcraft interface Addons. From here you will have to log into the game and at the character select screen look for the small Addons button in the lower left side. Click on it to open up the addons menu and put a checkmark on the mod you wish to activate.

Object of the ame

In the World of Warcraft TCG, you control a hero. Your hero is the leader of your party who fights alongside your allies. The cards that you play will allow you to equip your hero with weapons and armor, use spells and talents, invite allies into your party, and complete quests.

Auction House Trick

While this next tip isn't necessarily one that will earn you any friends among other players in the World of Warcraft, I should at least mention it because it is a trick people will use at the Auction House. When there are a lot of the same items for sale at the Auction House, one of the things you can do is sneak an item of that same type somewhere in the middle of them all but instead of listing it for 75 Silver, list it for 75 Gold. The hope is that someone will accidentally buy your item because they weren't really paying attention. Even if this is something that you may never do, you should at least be aware of it so that you aren't on the other end of this deal some day.

Powers ofAzeroth

There exist beings known only in legends to the peoples of Azeroth. Yet they are beings who have shaped not only the course of history in the world of Warcraft, but often the world itself the Elemental Lords, ruling over planes of pure power and awaiting the time when they will once again serve the banished Old Gods the titans, whom the dwarves believe created Azeroth and many of its races the great and powerful dragons who watch over the titans' creation the moon goddess Elune, and the demigod-like beings she created to protect and guide the creatures of the land.


Before patches are applied to the servers, they are first tested out on the test realm servers. An awesome way for you to make a lot of gold is to scout what people are saying about changes that are going to be applied in the next patch. To do this, just go to the World of Warcraft site and go to their forums. Once there, select the Test Realm Forum from the drop down. It's here where you can find out which items are going to get nerfed or buffed. For those about to get nerfed, make sure you sell any that you have as their value will be going down. For the ones that are going to be buffed or have their chance to drop decreased, make sure you stock up on these as they will be worth a lot more in the near future. In addition to items, you will also find that people post a lot of information in these forums when it comes to making gold with the next patch that will be released. This is definitely something that you should take a look at every once in awhile so that you are ahead of all...


There are nine different professions in World of Warcraft, roughly divided in number between collection abilities and crafting abilities. Collection abilities will let you travel out into the game world and gather the raw materials that you'll need to create items with your crafting ability. Note that some of the crafting abilities, notably Tailoring and Enchanting, have no associated collection abilities you'll collect the items required by these crafting abilities as you normally play the game.


Combat in World of Warcraft is fairly simple. But first you must understand the enemy types. When you click an enemy, you can view their type above the inventory bags. Yellow enemies will only attack you if you attack them or open treasure chests near them, red enemies will attack you if you enter their radius.

Hero Point

Designation of Product Identity The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License, version 1.0 Any and all Sword and Sorcery Studio or Blizzard logos and identifying marks and trade dress, including all Sword and Sorcery Studio or Blizzard Product and Product Line names, including but not limited to Warcraft, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft The Role-Playing Game Magic & Mayhem More Magic & Mayhem Lands of Mystery Alliance Player's Guide all text under the Description header of any creature, spell, magic item, artifact, or NPC listing any elements of the Warcraft setting, including but not limited to capitalized names, names of artifacts, beings, characters, countries, creatures, geographic locations, gods, historic events, magic items, organizations, songs, and spells any and all stories, storylines, plots, thematic elements, and dialogue and all artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, illustrations, maps and...

Group Strategies

The main role of a mage in the group is simple deal as much damage as possible. There is a holy trinity of classes in World of Warcraft, consisting of a tank (warrior) a damage dealer (mage) and a healer (priest). Mages are the best damage dealers in most situations, so you should never have trouble finding a group.

Further Reading

If you'd like to read more about the characters and circumstances that shaped Azeroth and led to the events of World of Warcraft Stormrage, the sources listed below provide additional pieces of the story. Broll Bearmantle plays a key role in the monthly World of Warcraft comic book by Walter and Louise Simonson, Ludo Lullabi, Jon Buran, Mike Bowden, Sandra Hope, and Tony Washington. The comic also reveals influential moments from Broll's past, such as the tragic death of his daughter, Anessa, in issue 4 and the battle against his own rage inside the Emerald Dream in issue 5. Tyrande Whisperwind's history with Malfurion Stormrage and her rise to the rank of high priestess of Elune are chronicled in the War of the Ancients trilogy by Richard A. Knaak. More than 10,000 years after the War of the Ancients, Tyrande encounters Broll Bearmantle and Varian Wrynn in issue 6 of the monthly World of Warcraft comic by Walter Simonson, Ludo Lullabi, and Sandra Hope. why the idol was gifted to...

WoW Official Site

The two of us have been MMORPG players since the original release of EverQuest. We have been writing strategy guides for MMORPG's for over four years and have a combined experience level of eight years. We are both owners and senior authors at Game Guides Online and together are the two most experienced MMORPG guide writers out there. We have experience in Ultima Online, EverQuest, Earth and Beyond, Eve, Warcraft 3 Multiplayer, Lineage 2, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, EverQuest Online Adventures, and EverQuest II. Together after four years of writing MMORPG guides we both agreed that we had become a bit jaded of the industry. That was before World of Warcraft came around. Originally we acquired only one beta account that we both had to share. Being on completely opposite time zones (Australia and Eastern United States) the instant one of us logged off the account to go to sleep the other one of us was waking up and waiting to play. Thankfully, we quickly got multiple beta...

Side Entrance

Rare recipes- Vendors all over the World of Warcraft on both continents sell crafting recipes. The thing is, most people don't realize where these recipes come from. Any time I am at a vendor and he has a high level or limited supply recipe I purchase it and list it on the AH for an increased price. These almost always sell for me. Some of my favorites are

AdvencuRe Hooks

Factions World Warcraft

At the end of each faction description are a couple adventure hooks involving that faction. These hooks are intended to spark your imagination and give you and the heroes jumping-off points for further adventure. They are simply ideas you might use in your home campaign in all likelihood, the events described in the adventure hooks will never occur in the online World of Warcraft. However, since this is your chance to control Azeroth, feel free to go even further with your adventures.

The Open Market

N the early days of World of Warcraft the economy was based solely on trading. Someone would shout across a popular zone (usually a city such as Stormwind) that they have 50 copper bars at a starting price of 10 silver. Players throughout the zone would then raise the price. For example some person may shout 12 silver, then another 15 silver, then someone else may shout 2 gold (20 silver). The seller would then shout 2 gold going once, going twice, sold at which point the buyer and seller would meet in a mutual location and use the trade interface to exchange 50 copper bars for 2 gold. The World of Warcraft economy has evolved a long way since then. Currently most transactions take place in what are known as auction houses. These auction houses are located in three major cities throughout the world and are places where you can put your goods up for auction (similar to EverQuest's Bazaar system). This allows you to put your goods up for auction for lets say eight hours, and then go to...

When to Sell

There really isn't a bad time to sell, but there are some optimum times to sell. When you are selling an item whether it be in the auction house, or you are trying to sell it by auctioning in the chat channels you want to be able to reach the largest market. Game Guides Online did some extensive research and surveying and found that the North American World of Warcraft servers are most populated during Television Prime time. For those of you unfamiliar with the TV prime times they are between seven to nine PM (based on your time zone). The North American World of Warcraft servers however are not broken up into EST, PST, and MST time zones. This actually means there is quite a range of prime times (starting at 7pm EST on the East Coast and ending at 12pm EST). You want your auction to be up during this five hour time period. Game Guides Online survey found that the servers are most populated between 9 30-10 30 EST. Knowing when to sell lets you plan...


Orgrimmar houses the second most popular auction house in World of Warcraft right behind Ironforge. The Horde population is a bit smaller then the Alliance population creating a bit smaller auction house. Nonetheless both faction auction houses are relatively huge and will provide you an ample market to become rich playing the World of Warcraft economy.


The only reason I didn't list these areas in the previous list is because on a PVP server these areas are usually PVP hotzones. Hillsbrad can also become a hotzone to a lesser extent. True, PVP is an excellent feature of World of Warcraft (and with the Honor System a very lucrative one), but the inevitable truth is that participating in PVP prior to 60th level is time spent not leveling which should take priority for gaining better equipment and more powerful skills. For the purpose of this section in order to quest efficiently you need to be in areas that are less densely populated.

Gathering Runs

Regardless if you're picking herbs or mining rock veins, there is one universal truth no location is random. Herb and vein locations are called nodes, and they were probably hand-placed by the World of Warcraft development team. Since nodes aren't random, they'll eventually re-spawn given enough time. This is where a run comes in handy. A run is basically a path you take around a zone that connects known node locations. It has to be long enough for the nodes to re-spawn. The idea is that once you have a run down, you won't be left aimlessly wandering around a zone trying to find a resource. This technique can be used in many zones throughout the World of Warcraft.


Stuns are very strong in World of Warcraft. They allow you time to recover, time to get off some damage, or time to heal yourself. More importantly for PvP, they confuse the enemy. Few people expect to be stunned by a priest at range. PvP is where this talent shines, and is essential. The stun coming at an opportune moment can turn the tide of battle your way.

Talent Builds

Fortunately in the World of Warcraft respeccing your talents is available. However, it costs a fee, which increases every time. It is best to know exactly what you want your end game talents to look like before you start allocating them. In this fashion, all the following talent trees are based around level 60 characters.


The best way to play World of Warcraft is grouping with other people. While soloing World of Warcraft is much more feasible than most any other MMORPG, the game is geared towards group questing. While true experience is lower per-kill, you tend to kill more enemies in groups, especially in the group zones.


Experience in World of Warcraft is the measure by which your character attains a new level. Every time you kill an enemy whose level is close to yours, you gain experience. Experience also comes in the form of quests or discovering new regions. Experience is gauged above your action, menu, and inventory bars as twenty bubbles, as the bubbles fill, you gain more experience. Rest is represented by a small bar on the bubble gauge. When you reach that bar, you are no longer considered to be in a rested state and gain experience at a normal pace. You can see your experience and experience needed to attain a new level if you hover over the gauge.


World of Warcraft is also quite good at letting you travel around the world. The most common method is hearthing, which was mentioned above. Mounts are very expensive (80 gold), but allow you to travel around the World of Warcraft much quicker. Each mount also has a level requirement. Basic mounts can be used at level 40 whereas more advanced mounts don't become available until level 60


Designation of Product Identity The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1(e) of the Open Game License, version 1.0 Any and all Sword and Sorcery Studio or Blizzard logos and identifying marks and trade dress, including all Sword and Sorcery Studio or Blizzard Product and Product Line names, including but not limited to Warcraft, World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft The Role-Playing Game Magic & Mayhem More Magic & Mayhem Lands of Mystery all text under the Description header of any creature, spell, magic item, artifact, or NPC listing any elements of the Warcraft setting, including but not limited to capitalized names, names of artifacts, beings, characters, countries, creatures, geographic locations, gods, historic events, magic items, organizations, songs, and spells any and all stories, storylines, plots, thematic elements, and dialogue and all artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, illustrations, maps and cartography, likenesses,...

Character Choices

Before you venture into the lands of World of Warcraft you must first create a character. There are a number of choices you must face when deciding who your priest will be. The first choice you must make is a server choice. In World of Warcraft there are 3 different server rulesets. The first is normal, in which you cannot be attacked by player controlled members of the opposing faction at any time. If you prefer killing monsters to people, then this is the server for you. The second is roleplaying. These servers encourage absolute immersion in the world. If you enjoy roleplaying your character then this is the server for you. The third server type is PvP. If you decide on a PvP server, any members of the opposing faction will be able to attack you at any time, in contested territory.

Making Gold

There are 2 ways to make gold in World of Warcraft, and two main items that most people generally spend their gold on. The first way is to farm for it, through the repeated killing of mobs that drop money, and generally cloth or items that sell well to vendors. The second way is to play the auction house.


Resting in World of Warcraft can be best explained like this. As you are offline, you accumulate rest. Rest, when played, allows you to accumulate more experience points, which in turn allow you to level up. A casual gamer who plays less than a hardcore or frequent gamer will find that he gains more experience from gameplay, so he levels faster. Though in World of Warcraft hardcore players level faster, casual players aren't always left in the dust. Logging off at inns accumulates rest faster than anywhere else and there is a rest cap, so you can just create a character at level 1 and expect them to have enough rest up to level sixty.

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