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To Chris Metzen and Bob Fitch your spirit and enthusiasm infuse these pages, and my appreciation for your willingness to work with the writers (and me ) and to give this book its shape defies mere words. You guys rock I would also like to offer my sincerest gratitude to everyone who has participated in the line so far, right from the very beginning artists, editors, writers, and the folks at Sword & Sorcery (especially Andrew Bates, Matt Milberger, and Rich Thomas). We've taken quite a journey together over the past year or so and made a pretty darn good roleplaying game in the process. Thanks, everyone

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Power When the user says a command word (usually written on the cover of the book, but some may not be), the tome opens and words appear. When the user sits down and concentrates, he can walk through the memories of the person who wrote it and watch the events recorded within as if viewing them from the vantage point of the writer. If the person is interrupted or stops concentrating, his awareness returns to his body. The person must be seated to do this, and takes a 10 circumstance penalty on Listen and Search checks during this time. This book can be used once daily.

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The two of us have been MMORPG players since the original release of EverQuest. We have been writing strategy guides for MMORPG's for over four years and have a combined experience level of eight years. We are both owners and senior authors at Game Guides Online and together are the two most experienced MMORPG guide writers out there. We have experience in Ultima Online, EverQuest, Earth and Beyond, Eve, Warcraft 3 Multiplayer, Lineage 2, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, EverQuest Online Adventures, and EverQuest II. Together after four years of writing MMORPG guides we both agreed that we had become a bit jaded of the industry. That was before World of Warcraft came around. Originally we acquired only one beta account that we both had to share. Being on completely opposite time zones (Australia and Eastern United States) the instant one of us logged off the account to go to sleep the other one of us was waking up and waiting to play. Thankfully, we quickly got multiple beta...

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